How encryption works on Passport SE 1Tb and what is Windows compatibility?

I’m considering to buy Passport SE 1Tb since it’s largest capacity portable drive currently available in local shops, but a little confused by distinct accent of WD site that it is Mac accessory (I’m Windows PC user).

Can anyone clarify please:

  1. this drive can be as easily formatted for NTFS/Windows?

  2. is “hardware based 256bit encryption” available under Windows 7 and other versions of Windows? Is that REAL entire-drive encryption on low (BIOS?) level, or it’s just marketing name for some kind of “virtual encrypted container”? Can I access files on encrypted drive on somebody’s PC where no WD utilities installed?

With any file manager?

I really interested to know more details of encryption, because if it’s properly implemented, this would be a big plus to drive’s value.

oh my Gosh, is that true?

oh dear, marketing is such a terrible thing. And I nearly spent my money for that… phew