How "Dual processors" works in WD Caviar Black model?

As the title says i just need an good explanation how dual processor work in Caviar Black ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

All hard drives come with a CPU built into it. It’s purpose is both for CACHE, and prefetching algorithms stored in the firmware. By having two CPU’s dedicated for the same purpose the Caviar Black should be more efficient and fast than single core hard drives. 


I was researching your question and I found this brochure:

Only one model (WD2002FYPS) is listed at the bottom of page 2, but look at the label on the drive in the photo. It says “WD2002FFYPS”.

Also, there is a “WDT-701537” amongst the certification labels. This is telling us that the PCB p/n is 2060-701537. In fact the correct PCB p/n for the WD2002FYPS is 2060-771642.

I wonder if it’s a fake. :-))))

BTW, I believe that the Marvell MCUs in earlier models were based on an ARM9 core.

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