How does WD TV Live compare to the Netgear Neo TV 550?

I’ve owned a NEO TV 550 for over a year now and very dissapointed with the lack of new updates.  I mainly purchased to stream ripped BD from my hard drive over my network to my TV.  I really don’t care about all the apps because I have a Roku that works perfectly.  I’m reaching out here before I purchase to get some feedback.  Will the WD TV Live play my folder based blu-ray files? Does it require ISO and is there support for BD menus or does it only play MP4 or do I have to covert to another format such as MKV?  Other NEO problems that drive me crazy is that I have to turn off my CEC because the NEO HDMI isn’t recognized, any WD problems with this?  Your comments will be much appreciated as I don’t want to make another bad purchase.

Unfortunately, the WD Live Hub does not currently support BD .iso files.  It will, however playjust about any video format you throw at it (.mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .m2ts, .avi, etc.).  I couldn’t tell you how the CEC would affect the deivce, however.

I also looked at the Neo TV 550 but went with the Hub instead for two reasons:

1 - Cinavia protection-Neo TV 550 has it and WD Live Hub doesn’t, so I know that all of my BD rips will work with the WD.

2 - The same problem you’re having, lack of updates and support.

The 1TB of onboard storage and DLNA server are great additions, too.