How does the RMA process work?

Dear community,

My Mybooklive 3TB is having the problem described here.

i.e. I cannot access the UI dashboard (though I can access the static pages like http://mybooklive/UI/learn_center/learn_main/en_US) the drive never sleeps, and it functions in Windows explorer and twonky, I also did not have SSH enabled. This was not triggered by a firmware update.

From what the forum posts say, my only option is RMA. I think the warranty is 3 years in north America, and I only had this for 15 months. So I am hoping to get a recertified unit and start over (and will enable SSH this time).

Just wondering for those who had some experience doing RMA’s, what’s the most painless way? Did you call or submit request online? (I don’t want to be on hold for an hour and spend another hour doing windows update on my PC with the frontline support just to access the RMA dept.) And any pit falls?

Also, am I supposed to wipe the drive before sending it in? or do I trust WD to do it?

Thanks in advance

The two links below should help answer your questions. You can create the RMA online.

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Thanks for the links. Request has been submitted, just waiting for the shipment now.