How does one register HGST HDDs? Buyer's remorse is setting in!


I bought 6 HGST Deskstar NAS 6TB HDDs and cannot locate how to register them. I found their warranty validation and RMA submission page (which is a joke compared to the WD site - one S/N at a time???). Now that I’ve navigated the HGST web support I’m definitely getting nervous. I figured that HGST, now owned by WD, would have similar support practices to WD.


I also need help with this. Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been told that HGST approaches warranty differently from WD. If a HGST disk fails you notify them and provide basic details (model/serial number) and they will THEN determine whether their warranty applies to you. That means that you have to keep your original receipt (good luck if it is on thermal paper with poor initial readability) in case they challenge eligibility. I haven’t checked back since posting to determine whether WD has imposed any uniformity – especially since the HGST approach s u c k s.


if teh receipt is on thermal paper you can put in a scanner and save the picture

or make a copy its not a problem…

at least thats what i do