How do you organize your family albums?

I am trying to find the perfect setup for our family albums using the WD TV Live Hub.

The perfect setup for me would be a way to browse through photos and home videos sorted by date taken and in the same window, a bit like how Sony’s PMB software does on my computer using a calendar view containing both pictures and videos from whatever camera that has been used!

I know the hub doesn’t allow pictures and videos to be shown from the same menu, unless I use the Files menu, but then I won’t be able to sort or view thumbnails, but it sure would be nice if it had a photo & video album feature where some sort of calendar view was possible.

I’ve decided to keep all our home videos and photos on our NAS along with music instead of using the hub’s internal hd for security reasons.

I can’t really decide if I should view the photos through network share or media share, they both have advantages and disadvantages:

Connecting through network share:

All photos will show thumbnails and I can use folders as filter and sort by date, but it will only sort by file date and not picture taken date!

Connecting through media server:

Most photos will show thumbnails but for some reason not all, filter and sorting cannot be selected.

If I choose browse by folder , it will even show folders that does not contain pictures.

Instead of browsing by folder I can choose Pictures and filter by either: All Pictures , Camera , Date Taken or Folders :

All Pictures will show every picture available on the NAS.

Camera will give me the option to view pictures taken by a certain camera.

Date Taken will give the option to select and view all pictures that are taken on a specific date.

Folders will roughly give me the same options as browsing by folders, but will not show folder or shares that doesn’t contain pictures.

How is your photo and home video setup and/or do you have any suggestions?

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Hey there!! I’m requesting this as an idea for a future update!