How do you map a dive to the WD My Cloud in Windows 8.1

I wish to map my WD My Cloud to a dive letter so I can use third-party sync software to automate file backups to named folders for each day of the week (the included backup software won’t allow me to direct files to folders on the device).  I’ve tried it but it keeps prompting for a Username and password and won’t accept the ones I log into the device interface with.

Most likely you have accessed the shares with some other username and password and Windows has memorized these credentials, and/or you have some software accessing the device with certain credentials.

Go to users accounts, credential manager in the control panel and check that you don’t have some credentials stored there. Delete if any.

Then use the command net use * /delete from a command prompt.

Finally restart the computer.

Remember that Windows allows only one set of credentials to access a given set of shares on another network device.

That worked.  I had a mismatch between the device password and PC password.  As soon as I webt into the dashboard and changed it to match it let me map it!