How do you display more than 7 video files at a time?


I have a USB hard drive connected to my Player and it plays everything great!

However, there is one big annoyance!  It only displays 7 files at a time! :frowning:

Is there any way to make it display more movies?  Plus, the “file display window” doesn’t even take up the entire screen.  It seems like such a waste of screen real estate.

Any tips on improving the UI?

Have you tried the other views?

The WDLXTV custom fw lets you configure the number of items to list.

Hmm, I didn’t know there were other views?  I’ll have to test that tonight.  How many files are you able to display?

Yes, I’ve tried that firmware and for the most part it’s great!  The fonts are large and easy to read and there are more files listed, and it makes the most use of the entire tv screen.  However, it’s based off the older WDTV firmware, so their Netflix app is not as nice as the current OEM Netflix app and there is no search function for their Netflix app.

Also, their firmware fails to send a USB “off” signal to my hard drive, so I always have to unplug my USB hard drive after turning off the WDTV.  The OEM firmware works great and sends an “off” signal to my USB drive, so I can turn both off by remote.

Okay, I’ve tried the other “views” which seem to just use different criteria to sort what’s displayed (date order, etc) but they all only display 7 files.

Is there any other solution besides returning this device to the store?

There’s a BUNCH of different views; list view, Grid view, PREVIEW view, etc. etc.  All of them display varying numbers of files.   

Press the OPTIONS button and just pick a different view.

Thanks, here are the following views:

Thumbnail Mode:  12 items but no filenames under each item?

List Mode:  7 items, lots of empty space on the screen

Preview Mode:  8 items

It would’ve been great if this thing could display 12 filenames at a time but it looks like it can’t.  More would be even better.

I think I may just return this and go back to using my PS3.