How do you arrange your Media?

Well, I got my WD TV Live Plus setup, and I am in the process of getting everything organized for ease of use.

How do you folks arrange and access your media for ease of use? Do you use the Media Center or Shared Folders? I dont like how when I go to Video I see my shared folders for Music as well. I know how to do thumbnails for my MKV files (putting the Folder.jpg file in the same folder)

Media Center has all of the Album/Genre, etc folders that get on my nerves to be honest…

Do you guys like using TVersity or Twonky? Trying to make this as easy as possible for the Wife and Kids…

I just bought a WDElements 1.5TB drive a few weeks ago and had the very same question.  What I do is create 3 folders (Music, Movies, TV).  

Under Music I have separate folders for each album.  I also have a separate folder for Various Artists and under that I have the songs nested in genre folders.

Under movies I have genre folders to which I place the movies and their artwork.  The artwork is named the same name as the movies (ie. Transformers.iso, Transformers.jpg, etc).

Under TV I have folders created reflective of the show title which then collapses to the season folders which then contains .ISOs of the episodes (ie. Episodes 01-04.iso, Episodes 05-07.iso, etc.).

I don’t have the Plus, nor have I installed the pre-release yet, which contains the DVD menu update, but I’ve prepared the drive in this way for when WD finally decides to release the firmware with DVD menu support, I’ll be ready.

Sounds similar to me…

Same here. 

Using a 2TB NAS there are folders for Movies, Classic Movies, TV, Pictures, Manga, Music, Music Videos, Anime and Files.

Subfolders to group series and seasons each with a “folder.jpg”. Some subfolders contain ISOs.

The Pictures and Manga folder are mostly a repository; the wdtv is really no good to navegate or read manga.