How do you access files from PC

Understand that the desktop app for accessing files has been disabled. So how do I access files on my cloud mirror from PC? When I log into My Cloud the process stops at ‘signing in’. No problems accessing Dashboard, and can access files from phone but need to be able to do it from PC. Getting a bit desperate!

I prefer adding a network location. In My PC/Nework Locations right click and choose “Add a network location”. Using the IP address enter “\192.168.1.xx\nameofshare” and reconnect at logon.

I have mapped network drives in the past but Win 10 has a problem re-connecting drives when booting which required a clunky batch file workaround.

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What browser are you using? Try disabling your ad-blocker if you have one.
Accessing through the internet is useful if you’re not home, but on your local network it’s better if you map your NAS as a drive of your PC.
You can go to this link and click on Map Drive by Device Name in Windows

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