HOW do you access a Local HDD over the network in OSX? [WDTVLS]

I’ve not been able to “mount” the WDTV over the network in OSX (Lion).

It appears JUST FINE!  (In Finder/Bonjour)  BUT - When I try to  access it (connect as) - I get THIS - 

Nothing I do here will connect.  Useless.  Guest doesn't work - if I make a WDTV Network Settings Name/Password that doesn't work either!
HOW  does one copy files from a Mac to a local WDTVLS HDD?????????

I see you posted in the other thread I was going to reference and that solution doesnt work/apply to yours.

  • first are you doing this with the mac & the SMP over wi-fi? if so have you tried with both using a wired connection?

  • does the drive properly mount if you plug it directly into the mac?

  • guest accest doesnt need a specific user or pass at least from what I tried. I’ve put in my first name and just a random

password and its worked on win7 & OSX (most up to date release)

  • also what type of security are you using (if wireless)? I read somewhere a while back about people having problems connecting to the SMP share under WEP but changing it to WPA2 made it work (I have no idea why that would matter)

I’ll try and research more as I haven’t encounted this problem (or the other) when I helped a family member set his up to a mb pro.

Thanks for the reply!

This is all being done over a gigabit LAN - hard wired.

Yes the target drive alone mounts on the Mac.

One cannot even try to mount the drive via the WDTVLS(when attached)  because it won’t connect in OSX finder.  (as per the screen shot)

“Guest” is actually how I DO connect to drive(s) sitting on my Seagate Dockstar on the LAN… and yes, no password necessary - it just works.  This is not the case with the WDTVLS however.  All I ever get is “Connection Failed”.

Again, not using wireless so WEP/WPA2 should not make any difference.  Everything is direct on the LAN.

I have a “work around” currently by using the Mac as a media server (with PS3 Media Server running) and the target drive attached direct to the Mac - but it’s not ideal.  The target drive attached direct to the WDTVLS (with R/W access from the Mac) would be nice.

Thanks again!