How do I

Ok multi part question. after playing around with this thing for a few weeks and figuring out files that work,one that don’t, I would like to set it up as follows but am having a brain fart reading all the differant ways of getting content on the hub.So here it goes.

Right now it is synced up with my main computer to “see” all the shared folders, however it takes up room on the Hub’s drive? How do I get it to see the files (and play or read) them without taking up space on the internal HDD?

also I want to able to just copy files (movies for instance) to the hub, so that the other users on my network can use Townky (or whatever the hub’s server is called) instead of streaming content from my computer. ( I deleted the files in the hub except for the network sync folder which is taking up a huge amount of space) any ideas?

Having sync turned on means the Hub will copy over any files in the snyc folder you select on your PC when it is idle or in screensaver mode. Simply “seeing” your shared folders should not take up any space at all. Look for a subfolder named network_sync and there should eventually be some files in there if you properly configure network sync in the menu.

To copy files from a PC to the Hub, just open an Explorer window and drag and drop from to a folder on the Hub like you would any other file. I set up different folders (Movies, Music, Photos, etc) on the Hub just to keep things orderly. You can map the Hub to a drive letter, but it isn’t necessary to copy files back and forth.

I know about the network sync folder and that is the bulk of the files, however do I just turn the sync off on the Hub? I just want to see and access the files without accually copying then to the hub, is that possible?

Yes, just access them through the Files tab. Click it, then the red button, select Network device and navigate to the folder that has your media.

You can just turn the Sync Function off in the SETUP / OPERATION menus.

You can still access the files through the Video / Photos / Music in the same way as before.   You don’t have to use the FILES menu.

Just select LOCAL STORAGE in the SOURCE menu (Red Button) as described one post up