How do I update the firmware?

I am attempting to update the firmware on my wireless drive manually, I have downloaded zip file.
This has downloaded okay, however when I attempt to open it all that happens is a new folder is created caled “fwpug_images” is created. This folder doesn’t contain the firmware update file “MyPassportWireless_x.bin”. I’m doing this on a Macbook, any hints as to what I’m doing wrong.

Sounds like you have something wrong with your Macbook :confused:

File downloads and extracts fine using Windows 7
(i uploaded the firmware update *.bin file to mediafire if you wanna download it)

It’s a setting on Macs that makes it open the BIN file automatically. You need to turn that option off.

if that’s a “default” setting on Mac’s … sound’s like pretty dumb idea :wink: