How do i stream my laptop to my wd tv live?

hi guys,

i cant figure this one out: when i watch a stream on my laptop, how do i watch that on my tv, using wd tv live? is that possible? have it for 2 years now, but someone with apple tv told me he can stream his laptop screen, no matter what, to his tv using the mediaplayer…


It is possible. Check page #35 (“Share a Folder on Your Computer”) of the User’s Manual.

Also take a look at this link:

How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus


I think C-Jay may be refering to something like Apple “Airplay”  … which is mirroring content

The *New* WDTV Media Player supports “Miracast” …but thats for Android Devices

hi staff,

thanks, but that’s not what i meant. i know how to share files that are stored on my computer.

what i meant, is how to stream your screen to the mediaplayer. so that no matter what im watching, i can stream it on my tv screen.

yeah well that’s “Screen Mirroring” eg. Apple Airplay, Mirracast , Chromecast, WiDi (Google them)

The WDTV Live Streaming does not support that feature. 

The “NEW” WDTV Media Player does support “Miracast” Screen Mirroring but that’s for Android devices

Ask your friend what OS he i running on his laptop … because if it’s MAC OS then Airplay is built in … and is compatible with ATV.

Intel use WiDi

(not an expert on this stuff … but that’s what i’ve read.   But i have experimented with Miracast on Android … it works, but a bit laggy for me … framerate takes a hit)