How do i stop photos uploading to Mycloud (mac/ios)

I am sure this must have been asked before. Apologies if this is a repeat question. I have spent hours on the WD site and here in the forums, and also on Google, but dont find any way to stop photos uploading to MyCloud. I dont recall setting it up to do this. I only bought the device yesterday, so must have pressed something wrong. As fast as i delete photos, more appear.

Uploading from where? A Mac or an iThing?

What WD s/w have you installed? Start by uninstalling all of that.

The photos on my iPad are automatically uploading to Mycloud. The software installed on my iPad is called “My Cloud”. I don’t see any option in that software to request upload of photos to MyCloud.

I can not be 100% sure the photos are coming from the iPad. As many users of the Apple Eco system will know, when you take a phot on one device, it quickly propagates to your other devices like iPhone and iMac. Software on the iPhone is the same, i.e. WD’s My Cloud.

On the iMac I see two pieces of WD software. The first is WDSync_Updater_for_Mac_2.0.1.72
The second software is WD My Cloud.

What is the benefit of uninstalling this software?

Check the settings option within the WD app on the iOS for the setting to disable backup. It should be there as there is a similar setting on the Android version of that app. Typically when installing the WD app it will ask you if you want to enable media backup.

For WD Sync you can configure which folders it is syncing to the My Cloud. See the WD Sync Help for more information. And it is the same with WD Sync, when the program is installed it should have asked the user if they wanted to sync the default folders and give them the option to uncheck them (at least on Windows it does).

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Thanks Bennor,

That solved it for me. I had not noticed that in options it is possible to scroll down until “AutoBackup” then Photos & media, and then "Camera Backup, and finally to Public where it is also possible too choose which folder is desired.