How do I stop my MBWE from encrypting my password on log in? Cannot use device

I am trying to sign into my MBWE after resetting my password. The reason I tried to reset is because on ALL browsers when i type in the normal ‘admin’ and ‘123456’ as default password my browser decides to type in 2 letters in at the end (which i cannot of course see, they are just password dots) and this means that every time i try to sign in my password is wrong. How can I correct this? It happens on IE, firefox and chrome. I cannot log into my MBWE white light at all until i can figure this out?

This happens every time i try to log in, from my PC, Mac, iPad, all browsers and formats, i understand it base64 encrypts the password before sending but i dont know how to stop this? All autofill stuff etc. is turned off.

As far as I know the encryption can not be removed. However the encryption should not affect the password behavior that’s of course if you enter the right password to begin with.

You can try to reset it again with  this steps