How do I setup My Book as a personalized cloud storage?

I bought a WD My Book 4 TB last year. Initially I used as a hub it to transfer all my files from my Dell Laptop to my Macbook Pro. The data is still on the My Book now.

Recently I was doing some reading on how to setup a NAS device on your network and I did not completely understand it.

My requirement are as follows:

  1. Access ‘My Book’ device wirelessly over the internet. Since it is not exactly portable, and I need access to it when I am on the move.
  2. I was wondering if we can also automatically backup my smartphone onto the book as well.

I do not have much experience in this area. A layman information would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Can you share the model number of your My Book drive?

[Picture removed for your security - Serial Numbers are sensitive information]