How do I set up properly

I am @ a loss as to set up properly…Do I get the updates or is this automatic…Also do you leave the drive connected to the computer all the time…If I do that I have trouble getting the windows sign in screen…I know I do not understand computer jargon…

Don’t know what you mean by ‘‘get the updates or is this automatic’’ … However, if your drive comes with SmartWare your files will be backed up automatically… If you’re refering to updating the software > if theres a new software update you will be prompted to install it…

Emmm, well in my case I don’t leave the external drive connected all the time. However, I believe that this is a personal choice.,. However, it is recommended to connect the unit when you wish to use it… 

If your computer hangs when the drive is connected, you can follow the recommendations of the following link:

Hope this helps.

What drive or software are you refering to?

Please state the model number and what OS(operating system) you are running.

you say along side your message there is 1 update…how do i update please

Tell me what’s the model of your drive, this way I can determine what’s the correct update for your device.