How do I see "Date Created"?

How can I get WD My Cloud window to show “Date Created” for each jpg file it contains?

Due to a full hard drive on my mac, I had to remove all of the images from IPhoto. I uploaded the IPhoto library as well as exporting a jpg file of each image. I now want to find only the jpg files from 2014. I cannot put the IPhoto library back on my Mac because it is too large, so I want to review the jpg files, but the WD My Cloud interface will only show “Date Modified” which is the date that I exported the jpg, not the date that the picture was taken. In windows that would be “Date Created”.

Grumbles wrote:

 In windows that would be “Date Created”.

Date Created is the date the FILE was created, not the date the photo was taken.

To determine the date the photo was taken, you’d have to examine the embedded EXIF data.

Also, if both you and your Cloud are on the same network, you shouldn’t be using the My Cloud app – that’s only needed for use remotely.