How do I roll back firmware?

The latest firmware broke both my hub and my Live units so they no longer work with my NAS (they see it all right, but when I try and play anything I just get a spinning wheel of… well, not death, but not exactly life either.  Let’s call it the spinning wheel of Limbo).

Stupid me – I should know better than to try and fix something that wasn’t broken, but I really hate that “new firmware” nag.  So tell me how to go back to the one that worked (again, for both my Live and Hub units).


Welcome back!

Rollbacks for both are here:

WD removed the rollback package for the Live-SMP because of some mysterious issue with the rollback process, but others have done it successfully using this firmware:  and modifying the VER file.

*I* wouldn’t do it, because I don’t know what the mysterious issue might be…

Just turn the New Firmware Nag off in the SETUP menu.

Thanks, Tony – I see you’ve been busy (hard to believe at one point I had more posts that you.  Oh, about 7K posts by you ago :>).

I’ve been busy as well but not with video (or at least, not with playing video but with making it).  Hope the holidays are good to you and yours.