How Do I Rip Individual Episodes off a Blu ray?

I have a number of TV shows on Blu Ray (Walking Dead, Spartacus, Game of Thrones etc.) and I’d like to play them on my SMP.  From what i understand the Menus aren’t available from a Blu ray rip.  

What I did try was to copy the entire disk as an ISO using DVDFab and then went to Handbrake to encode each episode individually.  I got an error message and after doing some reading I gather I cannot use Handbrake in this fashion with a Blu ray.  I was able to do it with a regular DVD.

So… how do I copy individual episodes?  Does anyone have instructions or anything?

Use DVDfab to copy each ep as main movie only, this can also be done from a batch as explained in the commandline.txt. Or use MakeMKV and uncheck all but the eps (can often be done by setting the minimum tite length accordingly) so you end up with as many MKVs.

The WD plays M2TS files perfectly, so I just straight up copy each episode file from the disc to my hard drive.  I use AnyDVD to break protection otherwise they wouldn’t be playable.  Then I just rename them.

With movies this method can be a pain due to seamless branching breaking up the movie into a bunch of different chunks and out of sequence.  I have yet to see a TV series break up episodes though.

I used to use DVDFab, but it requires that you palce the disc in, rip an episode, rince and repeat. My new preference is MakeMKV because it rips all of them in one go.

Medion wrote:

My new preference is MakeMKV because it rips all of them in one go.

As does DVDfab when you use a batch as mentioned above.