How do I review the content stored in my backup on the MyBook?

We have gotten a MyBook for backing up our computer’s file content, we use ‘WD Backup’ v1.9 and it appears to be working well.

How can we review the content stored in this backup on the MyBook? We are having trouble accessing that

@justinmreina Check the sub-forum for your device and provide what computer/device you are using and the operating system.

Hi @cat0w, we are using the MyBook 3 TB unit with one Windows 10 Pro laptop -

  • S/N: #WCC4N3KEH4ZR
  • P/N: #WDBBGB0030HBK-NB

Are these backup contents available through File Explorer? It does not appear so, confuses me a bit. I am also not sure how to view my backup directly through the WD Backup app, when I run it nothing comes up?

Sticky spot I think, for an excellent device with a great interface from my reviews, let me know your thoughts when available


@justinmreina Sorry, I own WD My Clouds. You can use this link and see if a sub-forum there is one for the My Book you have.