How do I recover lost folder from recycle bin?

I have a WD My Passport Ultra external hard drive which I use to store all of my photos. I had two windows open copying photos to a new folder for a presentation when one of the folders disappeared. I have to admit that I was half awake. I am assuming I deleted the folder accidentally.
How can I restore it? I am assuming there is a recycle bin or trash. I can’t seem to find it.
HELP! Please.

If you have a windows pc the recycle bin is on the Desktop. Look in there and if you see folder( when drive is connected to pc) you can right click on it, see Restore as a choice. If you can’t see it, get someone better than you are with computers to help. You may have moved or renamed folder.

Thanks. I had already looked in the PC’s recycle bin and didn’t find it which is why I thought that the WD My Passport may have it’s own recycle bin. That makes sense though because I did see some other photos I had deleted earlier in the recycle bin. I’ll keep looking for the folder. I have also tried looking inside of other folders to see if I accidentally moved it into there.

It doesn’t have its own recycle bin, and sometimes the windows bin can be a bit unreliable for removable drives unfortunately.

What you might want to do is look into undelete software that works on removable drives. There are a few options, just search “Windows undelete software removable disk” and try a few out and see if any offer a route to recovering the folder if it is lost rather than moved.