How do I protect my backup from encrytpion hackers?

I am using the WD My Passport Ultra to backup my laptop connected to the internet. If I leave it connected to my PC for automatic backups, how do I prevent a hacker from holding my backup hostage? I currently do not have the backup password protected.


If someone has access to your computer while the drive is plugged and not protected then they will also have access to your drive and the data on it.

What Hamlet said is correct and is true of any attached hard drive. I would recommend you unplug it and either plug it in and manually run a backup or schedule a time for the backup and plug it in then.

Thank you for confirming my expectations. I will unplug my mobile drive and manually run each backup.
I expect that even adding a password to the mobile drive will be by-passed by the backup utility when attached for an automatic backup.

If the drive is password protected and not unlocked the backup software will not be able to perform a backup until the drive is unlocked.