How do I move My Cloud Mirror from my old computer to my new computer?

I am replacing my old computer with a new one. Both have Windows 10 OS. Which is the best and simplest way to move everything from the old to the new?

Hi there,

Are you trying to copy al your files from the old computer to the new computer? You can try to do file history on the computer if you are trying to back the computer up.

Hi ArMak

Thanks for getting back. I run a weekly wired backup on my old computer. My new computer arrives next week and I’m unsure how to move everything to the new one. Do I simply .unplug My Cloud Mirror from my old computer and then plug it into the new compute, or is it not that simple. Would I have start again by wiping my computer off My Cloud Mirror and starting again, bearing in mind that it initially took days to backup when I first installed My Cloud Mirror on my old computer.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Dave .


This should be as simple as plugging your new computer and running the backup software from it, just need to make sure you install the software on the new computer.

Hi ArMak

Thanks for getting back. As simple as that eh. I was expecting something much more complicated, such as deleting everything and then having to spend days reinstalling everything.

Many, many thanks for the wisdom of your answer!

Have a great day and thanks once again.

Best Dave