How do I mirror 4TB My Book?

Hi. I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and 3 4TB My Book drives: X, Y and Z. Z is the main drive. X is a backup of Z. Y is without a partition. I want to mirror Z to Y without losing data. I found instructions that say you can do this but I backed up Z to X anyway. When I first tried using Windows Disk Management to mirror Z to Y, I got an error “MBR drives bigger than 2TB cannot be mirrored”. So I installed Mini Tool Partition Wizard and converted Z which was MBR to GPT. I didn’t lose any data so that worked fine. Y is also GPT. I then tried again to mirror Z to Y using Windows Disk Management:
I right-clicked Z and “Add Mirror”
I clicked on the drive listed which was Y and “Add Mirror”
I clicked “Yes” in the confirmation window
Now I don’t get the error about MBR drives. I get “The operation is not supported by the object”. What is “the object”? Y, Z or something else? The SES driver is installed. If I go to Device Mgr I have “WD Drive Management” with 3 “WD SES Device” entries.
Normal use of all the drives works with no problems. I just can’t mirror. Are there some special drivers I need to install? Thanks.

You should try contacting windows for such issue.