How do I get started

Just got a hub I know thumbgen pretty well I tried to do a movie that is on a NAS and is on the root of the hardrive no filder just C:/48 Hours.ISO in Thungen I mad a sheet with this C:/48 Hours.ISO_sheet nothing happens on the Hub just the normal thumbnail to play the movie. What am I doing Wrong?

need to install one of the custom themes made here that supports moviesheets. the default theme does not

So If I download a theme and install the template folder into thumbgen and work of that template it will work? No matter how I have my movies foldered?

you can almost use any TG template. the one in extremes mega pack are more geared towards the hub.

you can have all your movies in the same folder, split by genre, or in their own individual folders. doesnt matter.

then you just need to pick one of the customized themes. some are done, some are a work in progress, some support movie sheets some dont.

just read through a bunch in the theming section and you will catch on pretty easy. Lots of screenshots too. If one interests you and you need help with that one, post there for better support.