How do I get shares to update automatically?


I’m new to WD MyCloud so excuse me if this is a little basic, but I can’t seem to get my share folder to automatically updated when I alter a file on my PC.  I have a share set up which is ‘public’.  I can get all of my files from my PC onto this share easily enough.  This issue I’m having is when I, for example, add a new set of photos to my PC, my WD Share ‘public’ doesn’t automatically recognise I have added these files and copy them across.  If I want to be able to view these file on my iPad for instance, I have to go into my documents on my PC and drag them across into my share ‘public’.  Is this the only way to do it or is there a way this can happen automatically?

On my back-up using WD Smartware all files that I amend or add are automatically updated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You are describing normal and expected behavior, as shares do not automatically add or update content without an automatic backup utility (Like WD SmartWare) managing the files.