How do I get at songs within album folders?

Am I missing something? I have my music on an external HD connected via USB. It’s sorted artist/album. On the WD TV everything in the library was compiled fine and plays fine. But I can’t see inside album folders. When I click on the folder, it just starts playing the whole album from the start. This is very frustrating. I want to drill down to specific songs, not always launch a whole album. Any suggestions? Like I said, am I missing something?

Hi jaylgordon, welcome to the WD Community. Are you trying to play individual MP3 files or did you created an image of your music CD’s?


I made a brief video showing my problem  here.


ok, i’ve been able to reproduce the problem… you need to select  Filter > Folders (press the button)

if you select Filter > Album then it won’t let you browse the songs … it just plays the entire “Album”.  (so i guess it might be a small bug  ?  unless,  if that’s how WD intended it to work for “Albums”)

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Awesome! That works. I should have poked around more. Thanks so much!