How do i do this?

i set up shares for all those i need to share files with.  they each have their own folder.

they will be accessing mycloud over the internet.

i just want a dropbox like setup where i can dump files in their folder and they can access it anytime they want.

for some reason documentation is not clear or this cloud is useless to me.

thanks for any help.

This may not be of much use to you but I have done this on my system.

I use the the standard windows explorer and use the network tab on the left to find mycloud. then I can open it up as a standard file and navigate to the file structure I want (I do this on my local network, unsure how to do it remotely). Once I have transefered the files I have access to it remoptely using the Android app on my phone or the WD app on my laptop.

I have transfered both windows office documents (word, excel and powerpoint) as well as pdf copies. I found it more useful than carrying a hard disk when discussing things with customers. I was also able to download pdf copies of my material if the customer asked for copies without having to store it locally

If you connect to your mycloud via web, you should be able to create shares, users, and set which users have access to which shares. From there, you may need to make sure your router is not blocking (set up port forwarding).

They would also need to make accounts with wd in order to use the desktop programs (don’t know anything about that, I just use samba and or ftp).

so i guest its not as straight forward as they advertise.

they make it sound so easy and the more i look into setting up something as simple as dropbox i see this as a total waste of time and money.

talk to tech and they have no idea what dropbox is…


ok got a call from tech support after they read this message.

very friendly and i could tell the guy really wanted to help.

we spent 45 minutes trying to get it to work and he kept putting me on hold to ‘check something’ when we couldn’t connect.  

for sure it doesn’t work with safari he told me so i had to download FireFox and use that.

could not get it to work on FireFox.

after trying all things it finally worked on the mycloud app.

tried it and it worked briefly but then stopped and error message.

you know what people?  this is just crappy software.  they advertise it as easy…their own tech guy couldn’t get it to work for 45 minutes.

truthful advertising should say-

 if you want something that works as easy as dropbox, don’t buy this.

it’s now a paper weight on my desk…

ok, i just read the ‘troll’ thing.

i’m not a troll and not saying don’t buy this thing…

and if anyone knows how to set this thing up like dropbox, i could use some assistance.

but since the tech guy couldn’t, i’m feeling FOR ME, it was a waste.


if i knew what i knew now, i would not buy this thing.

just being honest…