How do I connect BOXEE to the MyCloud Home Directory? Only sees PUBLIC in ADD SOURCES

I am having problems connecting my BOXEE to the My Cloud Home Directory. Finds the NAS but all it can find is the PUBLIC one. Just did a USB Import of 3 Externals to fill it and was mega impressed with that process. I can access everything from PC etc but not the BOXEE. Must be a way to connect the BOXEE direct? Really appreciate any help.

This was easy with the MYBOOKLIVE although there was no USB Import capability so I had to upload everything via the network. Painstaking but it worked. Worked for years. Just want to be able to access everything now on the MyCloud in the same way.

Alternatively, as a quick fix, there must be a way to log onto the MyCloud Device and Drag n Drop everything to the PUBLIC site so problem solved. Please don’t tell me that the only way is to now move all 8TB over the network to the PUBLIC folder? That will take months but would work. Looking for a quick and easy solution.

the Boxee probably can only see SMB shares. The My Cloud Home does not use traditional SMB network shares like other NAS products. The my cloud home has a private user space for each user which is using the CBFS (Call back File System) and a default public SMB shares used for windows and time machine backups.

In order to use the MCH with your boxee you would probably need to put all the data for the boxee in the public smb share. if you do this however this data will not show up in the my cloud home web app, mobile app, or the drive mounted by wd discovery as all these access points can only see data in the private user space.

Thanks for that. That should be a last resort though. BOXEE can connect through IP Address so it should find it if I can get the IP of the MyCloud Home. Easiest is SMB but that is out but you can also NFS it. If I did have to move everything to the PUBLIC directory though there must be some way to log on to the device and move by drag n drop, not have to cut and paste over a network which will take forever. Any advice? Thanks in advance.