How do I confirm logic board compatibility?

A while back, the logic board on my Caviar Black WD1001FALS was fried, leaving me unable to access the data within it.

Data recovery is way too expensive, and since WD refuses to do anything about it, I’m gonna try looking for a replacement board.

It think I found one on NewEgg, but I’ve heard stories about how the firmware has to be identical for the board to work on the drive.

Can someone point out the most crucial aspect of this Label that will help me to confirm the HD’s logic board will work with my HD?…/\





you need to know that even if they are the same, it probably won’t work.  each drive is “tuned” a little as it comes off the line.

Can you upload a detailed photo of your board to a file sharing service?

Did you overvolt the drive? Any visibly damaged components?

When matching PCBs, the DCM number (Drive Configuration Matrix) is important. You also need to be prepared to transplant any serial EEPROM chip from patient to donor. This is because it stores calibration data determined at the factory.