How do I comment on an idea?

Sorry for the newb question, but I am new here, so…  I can’t figure out how to add a comment to an idea in the list. I’ve checked a couple of the ideas and I see many comments already on them, but none seem to have a way to add my comments, even the newest ones.

What am I missing?

Check the New to WD Community section. 

All forum boards are explained on there including the Ideas board.

Please see the link bellow for help with comments on current ideas.

Welcome to WD Community.

The instructions given make perfect sense. Unfortunately when I look at the ideas, there is neither a " Kudos" button, nor a " Post a Comment"  link on them.

When I mouse over the Kudos count on every idea it says “This idea cannot receive kudos”, so maybe that’s a clue.

Also, the “New Idea” button in the upper left of the ideas list is grayed out for me.

Maybe there’s a problem with my account that is preventing me from posting there?

comment screen.PNG

The screen above will show bellow the Idea to post your Comment.

There are some ideas that have been closed and comments are not allowed.

I have also included a link bellow with an active Idea.

Ok, i see what you mean now that I have looked at some of the other idea lists. I was looking at the “Live & Live Plus Ideas”, which I didn’t realize was listed under “legacy products”. I guess they closed that idea list down about a month ago, based on the age of the last entry.

I needed to be looking at the “Live Streaming Ideas” list instead.

I think my confusion is understandable, however, since the ideas section is fronted by a post called “Where Do I Post My Ideas?” that contains a link to this closed idea list, and does not have a link to the new Live Streaming section :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

I apologize for that.  I just recently moved some things around on the community, and I completely forgot to update this section.  The correction has been made.  It now lists the Streaming Ideas exchange.