How do I bridge the gaping void between my modem and my WD TV LIVE

I’ve been trying to configure my network for months and with every new brainwave idea I get stuck on the same issue.

My WD media center lives on one side of the room and my internet lives on the other side. Running cable around the wall isn’t an option for reasons to many to list here.

Can anyone please help me with a way to extend my network wirelessly from my internet connection (modem) to my media center and TV?

Current setup:

On the internet side of the room I have ADSL2 hooked up to my timecapsule.

On the media center side of the room I have an airport express that is networked wirelessly to the timecapsule and runs my airtunes and printer. Next to this BUT NOT CONNECTED is my WD TV LIVE and a 1.5tb WD Elements Desktop hard drive.

My ideal setup would be:

I’d love to be able to have my WD media center visible on my macBookPro so I can copy files and play movies directly to the media center without having to physically carry to media center drive to my macBookPro everytime I have a new movie to play.

Any tips or advice would make my day!



HI there, what if you try a WD Livewire or any other powerline AV homeplug network kit?