How do I backup without using the internet

I just received my new WD 4TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard. Using the “WD Backup software” software that came on the My Passport, created a Backup Plan and started my first backup.
I’m trying to back up 1.6 TB of data that resides on my 2 internal hard drives and one WD external hard drive. When the back up started, my lights on my modem are flashing, and the backup is moving very slowly, about 20gb per hour.
I do NOT want the backup over the internet, I want the backup from one external drive to another.
What should I do the make this happen?
Thanks very much for any advice.

You are not backing up through the internet, although you may be moving data through the home network. These are not the same thing, i.e. internet and home network. You may have a slow home network, for sure.


I recently switched from WD Smartware to WD Backup and the backup process seemed quite slow, but it was completed in one day. After that it runs briefly every hour to find and backup any changes on my three drive partitions. Give it a bit of time.


Thanks Mike and Cliff. WD Backup works better now, but I have one issue:
When a do my daily backup, it appears to complete the backup quickly, but then it looks like my home network is active 24/7 from then on. The only way I’ve found to stop it is the Hibernate.
I think what is causing this is that there are 4 files that will not backup; I think WD Backup keeps trying
to backup those files, which causes the home network to be continually active.
Is there a way to tell WD Backup that I don’t need to back up those 4 files?
Thanks for any advice.


I have similar files that never get backed up. I just ignore it.You should be able to select which folders get backed up. If the 4 are in a folder with others that need to be backed up, try moving the four that do’t backup to a different folder. Also, look under WD Backup HELP for a list of Excludes that never backed up.
I have no idea about the network.