How do I back-up certain folders in SmartWare?


I basically bought my passport 500gb to back up all my pictures and movies. I like the idea of the backup function but its no use to me when it doesn’t draw the backups from My Documents & My Pictures directory. It only draw backup found on the rootdirectory on C: wick is useless. I wan’t to beleive that SmartWare isn’t so dumb that you can’t specify directory of backup? And if it is locked to certain directories at least it should be locked to My Documents folder where you actually keep all your work. Any way of fixing this?

Smartware backs up with it’s own method. It sounds like you want some type of sync software. I don’t know about freeware but this isn’t bad


Thanks for the tip! I’ll end up using that program but I wanna have some use of SmartWare since it always runs in the background. If it doesn’t do anything I want to be able to shut it down for good but thats not possible.

I would uninstall the smartware. It really is bloatware and takes up resources… 

I bought 500GB WD Passport Essential about 30 mins ago and really surprised to find out there was no option to select folder(s) for backup. Worst of all, it restricts backup only to C: and 90% of my data is in other drives. Looks like WD Smartware is a dumb software useless to more than 90% of the people. Atleast, there should have been information that this software does backup of only C:. Pretty hard to digest this. Feels like I have wasted my money on purchasing this stuff because I bought it to use this software for regular backups :frowning: :frowning: I hope a software upgrade will fill this serious functionality gap

I have never backed up my essentials with smartware. Its bloatware. I use Acronis and/or Paragon software. The best two on the market! Check them out.