How can wd remain in business?

I ordered a “factory refurbished” WD Live player from the WD Outlet store. From the moment it arrived, it was dead. No video, no IP address, nothing. I called WD “support” Saturday and was told the rep would try to circumvent the obviously flawed WD system and have a management person enter my RMA information so that it could be shipped on Monday instead of waiting until Monday to process the RMA. Advance ship…no CC needed…no need to return anything but the defective unit…that’s all they wanted back. Much apologizing for DOA. “You should get an email by Tuesday with info” …

Tuesday… no email … Called back: no record of previous call. So then I have to begin all over from scratch (having missed Monday to start the process) and this time they need my CC info and I find out on the RMA page, I must return everything that came with the defective unit. Liars. So Wednesday the RMA finally showed up on my account and was listed as “closed.” I call to find out **bleep**. And they said “wait 3-5 days; we send you return label email”… I said I already have that. Is there an email that lets me know when it ships? “wait 3-5 days” … LAST TIME… Had giant respect for WD for many decades, but they lost me on this one.

I have someone looking into this and they should get back to you by private message or email.

OK, Level 2 called and said the problem was “no inventory” and they have located one … they will attemp to ship overnight so I have it sooner…

Thank you.

But what company doesn’t keep spares for RMA/warranty replacement?

I hope the new one works OK…


Unfortunately, It just happens.  Normally, it gets picked up on, and the customer gets called.  Let me know how it goes.

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It took a long time and much aggravation, but WD has come through. I received a replacement via next day service today and will assume at this time that it will not be DOA as the previous one was. I appreciate everyone at WD’s efforts in making this happen…I simply do not understand why it has to be such a painful experience to get results.

But, for whatever reason, it is. However, WD has retained me as a customer for now. And I thank WD for doing the right thing.

  I recently called into customer service and experience a detrimental service. This latter issue has led me to believe that in spite of all the hard work someone might be putting towards helping the image of its company, there are some people out there that don’t care for this image. I recently was told by customer service that I couldn’t get a device replaced because "THE LIMIT FOR THE MONTH HAD BEEN EXECIDED When told of such a thing I was immediately puzzled and decided to complain as this was not an appropriate answer, in my opinion. If there is a limit, then what does that mean for the unlucky customers like myself?  I spoke with a representative in the Caribbean by the name of Pedro. He was instructed by another person in the Caribbean which Pedro referred to as his “supervisor” to tell me the latter comment. I wouldn’t be writing to you if I didn’t get the assistance I needed. Eventually, after I literally begged for assistance, I was granted a “exception”, by which I was then given a RMA. If anyone from corporate will like to help with this matter, I will gladly await a private message with a telephone number and email. I am not upset at the fact that I lost all my information. I am upset over the fact that Western Digital doesn’t care. Just a warning to fellow members when you buy a product from these guys makes sure you buy 3 and double back up your information. If something happens to your information, you will be ridiculed and insulted with ridiculous preposterous scripted lines. 

The support agent obviously misunderstood you.  He thought you were referring to getting support when you had received phone support over a month earlier.  When it comes to getting RMAs they will always help you over the phone.