How can I verify if my WD TV is a first or second generation?

Is my WD TV HD Media Player first or second generation?
I don’t see any serial or number on the player for verifying it. Isee only some very little writings and I cannot read read them even by a magnifying glass.
Is the an alternative to verify it?

I must have younger eyes.  I can clearly read WD P/N: WD00AVN-00 on the side of mine under the bar code, without a magnifying glass.  It will also be on the box the device came in.

A Gen1 WDTV HD will have one of the following model numbers:


A Gen2 WDTV HD will have one of the following model numbers:


If you can’t read it on the side of the device, or on the box it came in, then look at the device’s front/top.

A Gen1 should look like this:

A Gen2 should look like this:

Notice that the Gen1 has the “HDMI” logo on the front, and the Gen2 has the “HDMI”, “DTS”, and “Dolby Digital” logos on the top.

Doesn’t the WDTV HD have an ABOUT screen in the GUI?

It does Tony, but as far as I can see/tell, it just gives the firmware revision, not the device revision.  I don’t know all the firmware revision numbers to know which ones go with which revision.  A few are obvious to me, but it depends what version the “About” screen says, as to whether the information would mean anything to me or not.  :wink:

The Gen1 also doesn’t have the File Management stuff.

But I thought looking at the outside for the “DTS” logo was simpler than trying to pick through firmware revisions or looking for the File Manager. :wink:


I have just purchased a more powerful magnifying glass and I have read:

WD P/N: WD00AVP-00

S/N: WNT291293711

With there writings are you abled to tell me if my WD is the Gen1 or Gen2?

I don’t see any other writing concerning WDA… or WDB…

Some models of Gen1 and Gen2 WD are exactly the same. If you write on Google “WD TV HD Media Player” Gen1 and then Gen2 … then “Images”, you will see them.

Thanks for your help!

I *already* answered your question in your original thread.

You have a GEN1.