How can I tell when the last backup was made (WD Smartware)

Looking at my software, I see my files are backed up, but I have no idea when they were backed up or what versions they are. For example, I have set the software to retain 5 file versions. Not only can I not tell what version the file is, but I can’t actually see individual files nor tell when they were backed up.

What I have found is that you have to be in the “Retrieve” tab in order to dig down to the file level. But even there, you cannot retrieve a different version of the file (nor see any versions other than the one you are looking at), and there is no way that I can find to tell when that file was backed up - nor when a full backup was last completed.

Doesn’t seem like the software is quite functional, or am I missing something basic?

Hi, I have never used the WD Smartware so I would not be able to tell, lets see if another user is able to provide some information.

See image below, then I suggest you read all information provided . Read the Help information under the Help tab for Backup and use the link provided at the bottom of the Help tab to read the Online User Manuals.

Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

I want to add the following. Since my Desktop Computer, Windows 10 with all updates, was scheduled for a Backup this morning, see if you can tell which folders had changes that were made and were backed up this morning. What time did each one get updated? See image below.

Your explanation references WD Smartware’s PROFESSIONAL Edition. All I want to see is the date and time of the last successful backup. Does that require the Pro edition?

I suggest you read all the information that is provided with the SmartWare and then you will know what can and can’t be done using the SmartWare or why you may want to upgrade it to Pro.

Are you doing a continuous or scheduled backup?

The second image I showed does not have anything to do with the SmartWare. I have Windows 10 so I clicked on This PC, then under Network I opened up my My Cloud and checked the backed up files to see the date and time they were backed up.

Have you already made a complete backup of your computer? If so in the future all that will be backed up are changes you make to your files.

thx for your lame your suggestion

@JOSEPH_CATANESE Sorry you feel my reply is lame but I see no need in anyone here having to rewrite here what is already provided in information , Help and the Online User Manuals. I have read it all so why can’t others.