How can I set up a web and Data base Server with my WD Cloud

Hi everyone, my name is Diana Cruz and my brother bought me a 1T WD MyBookLive drive which we connect to our home network portal router.  Now my question is I have my internet company modums and a routher modum connected to eachother which gives me two network connections in the house since they are both have wireless capabilities.  I want to use one MyBookLive drivers to host my website and anoher as a data base.  I would like to know how can I go about doing that?

I also wanted to know why when I try to log in from my laptop through my network connection I receive a password error?

Some times I can’t even get that far.  the MYBOOKLIVE link will say access denied.  when I click the link.  Am I doing something wrong? or Do I have it set up wrong?

Can you please assist me.

Everything needs to be on the same network. If you’re getting Access Denied errors, it’s most likely because your PC is on a different network than your Cloud.