How can I remove folder icon covering folder art?

I searched for the forum and couldn’t find a good answer.

How can I remove the little blue folder icon the in bottom right hand corner covering folder art? Looks silly and I would love to not have it there anymore.

Thanks in advance for whoever can help.

About the only way to get rid of it is to edit the theme and replace the icon with a blank png.  I believe the one for video is “video_browse_gallery_thumbnail_folder_cover_mask.png” and the one for music is “music_gallery_folder_cover_mask.png”

following the instructions above, i went into the theme and navigated to those files, opened them in photoshop and used the eraser on the blue icon, then save to same place replacing the original file, and it worked! :stuck_out_tongue: had to do this to about 4 files though

Where are these files?

By the way, from my PC I made some folders on the hub but when I browse the Files tag I see nothing. From my PC I see them there. What is the problem?


I’d like to know how to access these files as well.  The folder icon bugs me and replacing them with a transparent PNG would be a godsend.

root of hub, must enable view hidden files and folders, think the folders called .wd_tv, in there is the theme folder, open the folder of the theme your using and navigate to the images folder, then edit the files mentioned above, or as i did, any pictures of the little green or blue folder lol so for example the path is .wd_tv/theme/legacy/images hope this helps