How can I play songs by track listing when streaming from my PC?


Personally i think this is an obvious “must do” but can’t seem to find an answer. When i play music content from my PC which i am streaming via ethernet through my router to my WD Live media centre  i am unable to play as per the album track listing. It automatically sorts alphabetically. The only time it does work is if the songs are prefixed with 01-Track name, 02…, 03… etc…

I have found however if I connect my WD my passport and play from there, the option is available. However having to update the folder whenever i download new music is defeating the purpose that the “Live” media centre was bought for.

I found this post: (However, I have almost 60gb of music and i really don’t want to have to go through album by album inputting a play list file)

I have had the WD Live since launch and love it to bits. I have never had a movie not play… however the issue with music listing is starting to grate!

I have just updated to the most recent firmware and i am running Win7 64bit.

Any help would be appreciated. I am normally able to source answers fro this forum so i eagerly await a reply in anticipation.

Did you ever make this work?

This is an improtant issue for me as well - IMO if you go into the Album or Artist -> Album listing it should default to ordering by track, while going in through All Music should default to alphabetical song title listing.

I think I’m going to run an automatic renaming of all my tracks to add the track number at the beginning as a workaround rather than use that playlist workaround.