How can I play my music library?

I have been setting up the My Cloud Home device and dropping my music library on it, which is mostly .wma format. I got my Sonos set up to recognize and play my library with no problem. Now I want to know what app I can use to play my music on my Android phone or my computer? I know I can use the Plex app but that is a pay service…isn’t there something else?



3rd Party App: How to Enable and Configure Plex Service on My Cloud Home (

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Thank you for the tips and I was able to get Plex to work with my computer but am having trouble with my android phone. I got the Plex app for my phone and am able to see my whole music library and I paid a $4.95 charge to activate the app to allow my phone to stream my library but when I select a music file to play it tell me “an error occurred while playing this item”…
I did read that there is a problem with certain Android phones working with Plex but not sure if this is STILL the issue.

Now I’m stumped so I’m hoping I can find an answer here.

Okay…I found out that if I use the Plex web app on my Android phone I can play the music files I have on the My Cloud Home server. It’s not the easiest way but it works. I guess the phone app is not going to work for me anyway.