How can I map mybooklive in Windows 10 file explorer

I followed the instructions to turn on smb1 access in windows 10 features.

But my mybook live still only shows up as a media device (twonky) and “storage” device. It doesn’t show up under computer shares and when I right click on the mybooklive under storage, it doesn’t give me the option to map the mybooklive.

So clicking on the mybooklive in file explorer opens up the UI access page. But I can’t see any of the documents save on my mybook live.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Hi heehee62,

You can have a look on below KBA in order to map My Book Live on PC.

what is KBA.
I have mybook live. hard drive on the dell laptop died, reloaded software, every thing was wrong until the mybooklive shares disappeared. ?