How can i manually select content info

I used to be able to select a movie file, go into the options and then have it search for content info… after last firmware update, I am no longer seeing that option… did it go away?  am i missing something?

Have you got your media library switched on. By the way you are in the wrong forum if you have a WD live streaming player.

yep the media library is on.  what is the difference between the live and live streaming?  I just checked the box it came in and there is no mention of streaming.  It just says WD TV LIVE media player.

The newest live streaming

The old Live

The old player does not have a get content option.

gotcha, then yep streaming it is.  thanks for solving that piece for me :slight_smile: now to head to the other forum and see if i can figure out why the get content is gone

You must also be using media Library as your source not Media Server or Network Shares, etc .