How can i find out how many platters my WD5000AAKS discs have?

I bought seven 5000AAKS drives back in 2008. How can i find out how many platters they have?


run hdtune and tell me what is the maximum speed of the drive

Hovering around 85, 86mb/s.

3 platters

some model from 2007 right??

is the same of mine

se16 caviar

Yep that’s right! :slight_smile:

Some made in Sept '07 and Dec '07 and some others made in Jan '08. But im not sure which model it is. On the label it says WD5000AAKS but on WD’s homepage it says WD5000KS.

i trust more on this old drives than the new ones

Yea i’ve heard alot of people having problems with especially WD20EARS, the two terrabyte model. I don’t know if there’s a good replacement for these drives i currently have. Do you know any?

i have one wd20ears drive and is working ok on the 6 months that i own it …

but i feel that drive is limited by the bad firmware 80 MBs or lower sometimes reading/ wrtiting 

i for now trust in samsung drives

i like the 1 tb model f3 and the new 2tb f4 :slight_smile:

That’s to bad! I’ve always trusted WD since not anyone, not even my old external wd 320 drive has failed on me no matter how i’ve handled it.

Which specific version do you have? There should be some numbers and letters after wd20ears. There should be either of these: WD20EARS-00MVWB0/00MVB0/22MVWB0


i turned the drive on just to see the code for you

the drive is WD20EARS-00J2GB0

i think is the last version with 4 platters

you can find newer drives with only 3 platters now ( less likely to fail i think)

best regards


What are the DCM (Drive Configuration Matrix) numbers of each drive?


Does HD Tune’s performance graph have a flat section at the beginning? If so, then the interface is limiting the drive’s performance, in which case the test results won’t reflect the drive’s actual maximum transfer rate.