How can i copy all settings and files from a

my book live to a my cloud drive?

I have the my book live set up as a network drive with 30 or so individual shares for backups from individual computers as well as some public and private shares used by multiple users. All of the users in our business have a netdrive shortcut on the desktop.

It would make transitioning to the new drive much easier if I didn’t have to go to each individual computer and change the shortcut as well as the backup settings. So I want to copy all of the users, shares with passwords, shares, ip address and network settings to the My Cloud drive from the My Book Live.

just in case it helps, I do have a second my book live that I used as a backup of the first. I can get a safepoint on that one, would it be possible to restore that safepoint to the new my cloud?

Hi there,

You could do a safepoint from the My Book Live to the My cloud unit, but it is not possible to transfer the users and the shares to a different unit. Lets see if another user can share some tips or information that might be helpful for you on this matter.