How can I connect APC BackUPS Pro to DL2100?


There seems to be no instructions, online or in the product documentation, for how to configure this setup.

I have a new APC BackUPS BX1500M unit, which includes a USB cable for connecting to a PC with their PowerChute software and apparently will shut-down an attached PC, when the power fails. There is no visible software on either APC’s or WD’s sites specific to either of these machines. In the ideal world, the UPS should be able to shut-down both the DL2100 and any attached PCs (but that might be asking too much). If it could control the DL2100 only, that at least would be reasonable.

Would the DL2100 just shut itself down if connected to the APC device via one of its USB ports? Is some special setting or utility required?

Anyone with insight into this, please share!



yes it automagicly works. It shows up in a dropdown at the top right I think

I used this on windows pc’s to shut them all down with just one ups. it might work


Thank you, Gramps. I have not seen any new DD on the WD console app but when I did unplug power to the UPS, the DL2100 power light turned red and a message was generated and sent over the LAN to the PC.

APCUPSD does seem to have the right capabilities; however reading all that Linux command line stuff make me cross-eyed. Has anyone sucessfully intalled that software on a DL2100 and then configured it to shut-down PCs on a LAN? A step-by-step set of instructions would be most welcomed, I’m sure, by more than just me alone.