How can I check sector alignment of an NTFS-formatted drive on Mac-OS?

I have a Mac running Snow Leopard.  I recently bought a WD20EARS Advanced Format 2 TB internal drive and asked the shop techie to format it with NTFS for me.  I was not allowed to watch during the operation so I have no idea if he actually used a Windows 7 PC as I had asked.  I have hooked the drive externally on the Mac through a Konig Electronics USB-to-SATA adapter and I am using the Paragon NTFS-for-Mac-OS-X driver.

How can I use my Mac to check if the 4Kb sectors on the NTFS-formatted drive are properly aligned?

Examine the partition table in sector 0 with a disc editor, eg HxD for OS X (freeware):

If you upload sector 0, one of us will help you analyse it.