How best to arrange files

Looking for best advise here peps.  Heres how i have my Films/ TV shows are arranged at the moment…

All on the 1TB internal HDD

2 Folders…

1 Folder for Films…where I have a folder for every letter of the alphabet (ie. A, B, C, D etc with a folder pic of each letter) and films are arrange by title (ie. A= Avatar, S= Super 8 etc.) you get the drift

The other folder is for TV…this folder just has a folder for each TV show which contains a folder pic of the TV show and each episode has a pic and xml file.

My problem is Im seriously running out of space.

I plan to connect a 2TB external HDD connect to the hub via USB.

Is there any possible way the keep the alphabetized folders but to have video files from both the internal and external drives within the folders.  What i Dont want is to have two ‘A’ folders etc, 1 for the internal and 1 for the external HDD.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. (or if what i said makes no sense, drop me a message and ill try better to explain the problem)

Just use the local media function, it will show what is on the USB drives and the internal drives.